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Heartfelt Breakup Messages for Girlfriend

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Breakup Messages for Girlfriend:

Breaking up with the one you love most can be one of the most devastating thing that can happen to anyone.

Decision like that are hard to take and sometimes we might not have the right words to pass the message.

In putting an end to a relationship there are perfect words that should be put in place in other to keep the friendship thereafter. Words should be carefully crafted and send even while this decision is made when one is hyperactive.

Here you will find breakup messages that would love to send to any person you intend ending your relationship with.

Breakup Messages for Girlfriends

I thought you were different from others but then you are of no difference, I hate you. Goodbye


You deceived me for years believing you are honest and not a cheat, only to find out that you are community cheerful giver. Go out of my life.


How I wish I listened to myself when I kept seeing you as a Jezebel. But no I kept believing you were different and the perfect one for me, but then you were such a cheat.


How could you do this to me? You left me broken into pieces. I thought I was the only one, I thought I was your Mr Right, I thought I was meant for you but then I’m here broken into pieces by your dishonest acts.


Breakup could be one of the hardest decision one could make especially if the partners have really bound. This decision sometimes doesn’t end well. Decision like this are likely to lead the affected persons into depression especially when the right words are not use in the messages.

One needs to be careful with his/her choice of words so as not to cause the recipient to suffer more pains aside the one that comes with heartbreak or the thought of his/her partner leaving the relationship.


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